Sarong at 4.00am

Note to self: Always keep a pair of socks in your shoes by the door and have loose change in your coat pocket. Why? So when an idiot decides to fool with the alarm clock at some ungodly hour, you can still survive several minutes of standing in the streets during semi-winter climate with a cup of hot drink in your hand.

I’m now in London, crashing in at  a friend’s place and just about an hour ago the fire alarm went off. I was sleeping in my sarong (thank God I had my underwear on), so after a few minutes of un-urgent scrambling of my coat and music player (I wondered why didn’t I grab my mobile phone first??) and shuffling in my half-worn All-Stars I was out on the streets with the rest of Ramsay Hall residents.

Thank God I have kind of acclimatised to the English weather. I was shivering slightly, but wasn’t too bad. It was a peculiar sight seeing everyone in different sorts of pyjamas, although I saw several who were fully dressed. I myself had a t-shirt and a light blue sarong on, matched with black canvas shoes, red coat, spectacles, and I-have-just-woken-up hair. Mmmm..fashionable, oui? Hahahaha. I guess the faux pas is forgivable seeing that it was BLOODY 4 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING DAMNIT! Can’t the culprit just find some other times to burn their eggs/toast???

There were a few marshals guiding the students where to stand and what not. I presume they were the wardens or senior students living in the halls. We even had a fire truck rushing to the scene.

My London trip this time round is SUPERR!!! So much drama.

I like!

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