I had bought a cheap ticket to London, and was scheduled to depart 2043. As per usual, I was late, and therefore, had to wait for an hour or so before the next train arrives. What I wasn’t aware of was that the cheaper the tickets, the more important you adhere to the printed time. I cannot think of any reason why that happens right now (brain power on deficit). Anyway, the conductor did his round of checking and caught me taking the wrong train.

“Are you on the wrong train?” He asked.

I told him I was supposed to take the train before that one but I missed it.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to pay an additional £16.00 to make up the full priced ticket,” he said.

I took out my debit card, and let him insert it into the card reader. I keyed in my PIN and handed it back to him.

“Sorry, but can you do it again?”He said.

I repeated what I did again. And again.

“Sorry sir, but technology seems to be failing me regularly these days,” I apologised, while attempting to get the electronic gadget to function (note: Engineering Epic Fail Moment, no?).

Finally, we both gave up and he asked me if I had any other methods of payment.

“I don’t have any other card, and I don’t have much cash with me now.”It was true, I only had random assortments of coins in my pocket and wallet.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to chuck you out.”

I was really, really exhausted then. Somehow, I geared into kawaii mode where I had one hand running through my hair (ala frustration) and was telling the story on how I just finished my exams today and it had been a reasonably long day for me. I was sitting down while he was standing, so all I had to add to that was to look through my eyelashes ( I remembered reading somewhere, guys cannot resist it when girls do that, I didn’t know whether it was true then, I simply gave it a shot).

And he bought the story.

So I guess messy curls + lovely eyelashes + a slight tone of exasperation + an ounce of politeness = WIN!!!


I wasn’t thrown off the carriage. He only told me, “Remember, it’s not fair.” Arrived in London safely, and got to my friend’s place in one piece.


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