Endless Shit

Missed the bus, missed the train, next time if I have a plane to catch, I’ll get to the airport 24 hours prior to flight and camp in my sleeping bag adjacent to the departure gate. Maybe I should get a custom print t-shirt with the words “I am boarding flight [blank to insert flight no.] at [blank to insert time], kindly wake me up in due time.” Oh, and I had Engineering Epic Fail Moment 2 for not knowing how to change my lightbulb.

All that aside, I did manage to enjoy a beautiful night scenery while walking down the hill from my place to the town centre. The city lights looked so pretty from above. No pictures, sorry, as the camera was buried deep underneath a layer of junk in my backpack. I tried keeping my hands from getting frozen by switching holding my luggage from one hand to the other at regular intervals. I left my gloves in the room while scrambling out of the house (and missed everything). Before locking the door I asked myself,

“Shit. Forgot my gloves.”

“Mati tak?” (will it kill you?)

“Tak. (No)

“Habis tu?” (So?)

Reminder to self: If you’re going to be outside, carrying something with your hands for more than twenty minutes at almost zero degrees, wear your gloves.

No sleep tonight as I try to finish preparations for a motion debate proposal tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed everything will turn out okay. Please, please, please let me be on time for the meeting tomorrow and a positive outcome from it.

    * fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed – praying my ass off for all the best *

2 thoughts on “Endless Shit

  1. we all have those days… truuust me! and i hate it when my hands freeze. I’ve been losing my gloves recently. One by one the other piece goes missing. Now I only have ONE glove. Not a pair. JUST ONE.

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