“Kanasai” isn’t even a word. I have no idea what it means, and yet I use it almost all the time. I caught it from a friend and it stuck with me ever since. Currently the exams are kanasai-ing me to the max! I felt happy the other day when I finally got my mind wrapped around the main concept of a topic I revised, after that my “happy factor” simply disappeared into thin air. It’s rather ironic for someone whom everyone describes as happy-go-lucky and seemingly effortlessly cheers up just about anybody to fail cheering herself up.

I’ve eaten. I’ve had coffee. I just did my prayers and I even had two Triple Chocolate Cookies to boot. I’m having feel good songs playing on my little Fujitsu right now. And I’m in the process of releasing tension by updating my blog.

Last paper due Friday, 1300 hours. Need to get this brain on Physical Chemistry mode, NOW!


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