Resolution #5, Keeping Time

I have a spectacular ability of procrastinating and being late. Hence the above mentioned resolution. Before January 1st I have been scouting around for a nice planner, but few I liked and even fewer had reasonable prices attached to it. However, I saw a nice little notebook at the discount section which looked like it would suit me well.

I liked that it was not fancy and it had an understated feel to it. It wasn’t moleskin or anything like it. It was just an ordinary notebook, so I began its transformation into a diary/planner by drawing in the calendars.

Initially I wanted to use some fun fonts for the numbers, but it took up space, so I just did the next couple of months ordinarily.

I think I’ll skip writing my details on it and if you noticed, everything was done ink. In case I had “accidentally” written down some sensitive information, all I have to do is flush it down the toilet and all is well. Just kidding. People who know me can tell that it is mine by the handwriting alone. Not to mention the unmistakable style.

How bespoke is that? 😉


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