Penggoyang Kaki Profesional

Penggoyang Kaki, or Leg Shakers if directly translated, is the equivalent of the Lotus Eater in English literature. A ‘company’ set up by two aspiring individuals at the tender age of 19, it aims at recruiting the best of the procrastinators and lazy bums.

The CEO is a first year Chemical Engineering undergraduate in the University of Bath, and the CFO, first year Economics undergraduate in University College London. Instead of obviously revising their academic materials or preparing for exams, they occupied themselves on the company’s set up. Truly the best examples of Penggoyang Kaki Profesional.

To those who are naturally productive, fret not! We can specially tailor Penggoyang Kaki training courses to fit your personality. Be it a 101 on “Innovative Procrastinating”, Living In A Pile of Week/month/year-old Laundry and Survive, How to Look Like You’re Paying Attention in Lectures When You’re Not, or simply Sitting Down and Doing Nothing, there is something for everyone regardless of age, sex, qualifications and unproductivity levels.

No admission or processing fee, and no pain all gain policy. Send in your resume today!

HAHAHAHA. Honestly, I am thoroughly enjoying this. I’ve been studying/staring at my notes for so long my left eye has begun to twitch uncontrollably. I just hope my wits stay with me until the end of the week. Revision has been intense, intense, intense. LAST paper on Friday babeyhh!

P.S: Just search up “Penggoyang Kaki Profesional Sdn Bhd” on Facebook and you’ll find us 😉


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