Two Down, One More to Go

Three hours prior to the exam.

My housemate actually did a double take when he got down to the kitchen to have his breakfast while I was having brunch.

“You look nice! Exams?”

I thought I dressed ordinary. Maybe because the past couple of days I am always seen wearing the same pyjamas day in, day out, the nerdy specs and misdirected curls on the top of my head. Judging from my blissful expression of indulging into a thick slice of warm buttered toast, nobody would have thought I was in panic mode for my exams.

“Why are you eating?! You’re supposed to be panicking!”

HAHA. Guess what my friend, I have been up since 6.30am, and from 7am onwards I have been staring at my computer screen, going through lecture slides and squeezing in the past years papers with intense dedication for nearly 4 hours straight.

When desperation sets in, efficiency exponentially increases.

The exam wasn’t so bad after all. I even had time to grin at the kawaii cutie before the paper began and admire the back of his head intermittently afterwards. I was silently laughing at the invigilator who fell asleep in his chair during the last 20 minutes of the exams. After the paper was over, I went over to my friend’s place and had some sinful Chocolate Fudge cake session.

Up next.

Physical Chemystery.

* screams ala fan encounter with a superstar *

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