I am guilty of doing very little revision today, but check out these music videos I found while going through last year’s Eurovision.

Perfect pick-me-up to boost your mood. And I love the way she wore her sneakers with the dress. “This Is My Life” Anna Bergendahl – Sweden.

I think I have a crush on this guy. “Me and My Guitar” Tom Dice – Belgium.

I spent half the afternoon grooving to this beat, with the blinds open! HAHA. The neighbours would’ve confirmed their suspicions I’m a mad engineer. I don’t get a single word of the lyrics apart from the chorus, but quoting the emcee at the end of the video, “Oh, go on admit it. You enjoyed that!”

“Allez Ola Ole” Jessy Matador – France.

Her. Voice. Made. My. Hair. Stand. Up. On. Its. End.

“Sweet People” Alyosha – Ukraine.


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