Twenty hours before my first paper is due and I’m beginning to stare into space. A past year paper I have just completed yielded very unsatisfactory results and my mind begin to wonder to evil voyages of something which starts with f.

That’s what happens when I turn off the music for two hours when I’m studying. I find that music helps lift my mood and suppresses the negativities at the back of the mind. Mind you, I’m not suicidal or anything, but normal people do have the constant nagging at the back of the head questioning all sorts of things you do in everyday life. Only that it varies from one individual to another how ‘tuned’ you are to the voice in your head. And at the times of high stress and pressure and desperation the devil seems to feed off this and starts to make itself heard a bit more.

    *Throws salt over shoulder *

Another option would be to build up the enthusiasm and spirit as if you’re heading to battle or war. This was a friend’s idea really. He will not be sleeping the night before a paper is due. Based on his story, I assume you could actually see fire in his eyes or if you are a big fan of Bleach, imagine reiatsu overflowing out of every pore of his skin (sorry Hel, but if you’re reading this, I’m ROFL-ing at you right now).

My version : I’ll wake up with some kind of lopsided grin and an evil glimmer in the eye. Sleepless the night before, not because of enthusiasm, but due to the mind on overdrive and funky little equations swimming in and out of consciousness. There would be extra pressure on the knife while slicing the butter and the toast would probably end up looking slightly charcoaled. Let’s not discuss what happens in the exam hall for now.

First paper due tomorrow 1630.



Currently feeding off this for my ‘feel good’ mojo. Addicted more like. FCuz – Jiggy, Chipmunk version.

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