Chop! Chop!

I popped by Boots to get some echinacea tablets when I stumbled upon a pair of quality Tresemmé hair cutting kit. At £16.33 it was almost double the price of a similar one from Boots but I bought it anyway as my tresses was in dire need of a trim.

FYI: Echinacea is said to help prevent or shorten the duration of a cold/flu infection. It works by increasing your white blood cell count (i.e : the good guys who fight the baddies in your body). I’m hoping it would see me through my exams with minimum glitch, as right now there is a bout of infection around campus.

It took me nearly two hours to finish. Given no training and this is the first time cutting own hair, I managed to pull off the layers rather nicely. Doing the back of the head was tricky business, but I found a way to sort of pull back sections of hair, raise it above the head where you can see your hand holding it in the mirror, and chop it off. The edges were kept from looking blunt by layering the ends at the end of the process.

I tore the seams of two bin liners and used it to line the floor of my room prior to my DIY project. That’s the pile of hair which got lopped off.

My head feels so light! I saved my pounds, bounce is restored to my curls, and I pulled off the feat of brushing my hair WOO-HOO! Even the sun came out today after several hours of rain.

I shall now happily resume revision.

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