The title is a portmanteau I made up from the terms Otak which means brain in Malay, Cuckoo – a type of bird, also a term used for going crazy, and Otaku, a Japanese term for die-hard anime lovers.

My affinity for reading manga and watching anime increases exponentially the moment I start working (very hard) towards exams. The last time this was observed was during my A-levels, when I essentially read chapters after chapters of manga and episodes after episodes of anime at a ratio of two hours of study for every half hour of anime time.

There’s notes posted on my wall, piles of scribbled paper on my desk, socks everywhere, my older Fujitsu propped up on top of a folded cardboard box on top of my pail and my foot up on my printer. Pop musics and OSTs (original soundtracks) in languages apart from English is constantly being played while I wreck my head in divine inspiration of practising on problem solving sheets.

I have been keeping it steady at a limit of two mugs of coffee per day and reducing sugary food intake. The head is throbbing from long hours in front of the computer screen, and the rainy weather isn’t very encouraging for taking a breather outside.

Exams start on the 18th January and I’m hoping to be able to complete my revision by then. Wish me luck!

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