Card Games

Today I learnt how to hold a chopstick properly. I was the better one among the majority on the dinner table (at least in terms of control) but my new friend pointed out I positioned one of my fingers wrongly. I also learnt the best way to lose a card game even with a good set in hand is by randomly throwing out higher value cards first and that my card shuffling skills is just as epic fail.

An ex-classmate of mine and several of her friends have been in Bath for a couple of days. As per usual, I took on the role of a tourist guide, albeit on-and-off as I was juggling finishing my coursework, spending some time with them and handing the courseworks in, and resume feel good times with them.

Initially I only observed, but somehow got caught into playing. At my current level I am sincerely hopeless at playing my hands in strategy. I almost induced a myocardial infarction by placing a triple ace and a double two in the early stage of the game. Needing ‘consultation’ almost all the time and probably partially blind in reading the values of the different suites, I think I’ve got a slight hang of it now. There was no betting involved and we played just for fun while sitting by the heater to stay cosy.

It was a bit late when I had to set back for home, but the boys actually offered to and did accompany me to the bus station.

By this time, dear readers, many of you would have noticed I thrive on the simple pleasures of life. As I have said, and I will say again (along the same lines),

When there is great company, life is good.

Thank you my friends! I shall make all of your Facebook lives more interesting when I get back online soon. Wait for it!

2 thoughts on “Card Games

  1. i used to not know how to post comments on your blog, but now i do! heehee.

    i deactivated my FB account too! I spent way to much time there and had WAY too many people I barely know as friends.

    1. LOL Fathin! Congratulations! haha. that’s just too cute! xD quite a number of my friends who are used to Blogger gets a bit lost when it comes to wordpress, and vice versa.
      screw Facebook. I wonder how come no-one have tried suing Zuckerberg for creating something that contributes to worldwide procrastination ^-^

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