Facebook Deactivated (again)

At 12 hours before two coursework deadlines are due, two liters of coffee, twenty butter cookies and 140 winks later I actually managed to complete both assignments and hand them in within two hours to closing time. Euphoria. That would not have happened had I not deactivated my social networking account the second time.

I have not acquired the discipline to leave incoming notifications alone, resist the urge to like and comment on a ‘sensational’ status, chat with a friend who is online or stop updating my own status every other hour (or more frequently). With exams in a week and tonnes of materials to be studied, drastic actions had to be taken.

Disconnecting myself from over 400 ‘friends’ (which not all of them I communicate regularly with) did not feel so terrible after all. I do miss a select few of them. Apart from that it felt good to be able to spend one full hour actually doing some quality work. I even had time to catch up with several online manga series which I used to be an avid fan of. I even did some cleaning up of my room and spent time with a crazy bunch of friends from Dublin who came down to Bath for a couple of days.

Check – I’m happy!


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