I have never woken up feeling so fresh and productive for quite a while. I actually managed to have a full, satisfying breakfast (apple, coffee, fried rice), prayed, showered, read through four or five lecture slides and I even did my hair this morning. Check it out.

The secret to it:

I Deactivated My Facebook Account. MUAHAHAHA.

The ‘normal’ morning routine would have been waking up late (due to late night random Facebook activities), check Facebook, gets hooked online for a couple of hours or so, skipped the shower, eating assorted random edible materials for breakfast and stare at my lecture notes, hoping the lines of alphabets would somehow make its way into my dull, lethargic brain.

After a couple of hours into my revision, I pepped up for a solo outing to town. It was raining outside, but I was feeling so good today I couldn’t give a thought about it. I rocked my Wellingtons like its Prada and I actually got people looking at me. A local even stopped to ask me where the toilet is when I was browsing through Debenham. I almost got run over by a rogue taxi driver (I was pretty sure he stepped on the accelerator when he saw me crossing. Pffft..) but all was well today. I even managed to secure an appointment for a routine eye-checkup.

I made myself happy with a little purchase of stationary. I wrote a card to my grandfather and also one to my mother, and drew up a birthday card for a friend (not due anytime soon). I broke my Facebook ‘fast’ momentarily to look up my gramp’s home address but deactivated it soon after.

I still have the urge to peep into Facebook, but I’m going to keep this up for the next week or so. The blog will be updated every now and then.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. heyyy I like your new layout lah. The thing is, I LOVE wordpress layouts but I find wordpress so so so complicated! Susah nak navigate through for ME. =(

    And I know how life without FB feels like. It’s pretty awesome. =)

    1. life without FB is like finally breathing fresh air xD haha. i think there is a website I stumbled upon which has wordpress looking layouts but for Blogger as well. Kalau I jumpa I’ll give you the link 🙂
      Enjoy your hols!

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