Curry Dreams Tonight

I feel so pathetique having canned tomato soup for dinner. ( Stares at soup. Continues eating.) For the need of justifying myself, I am an able cook. A very able cook. Its just that I’m just to lazy to do any cooking and the cleaning up today. I shall cook tomorrow.

I swear my friend had spiked the curry I had over the weekend.

Oh, and there was the chillied aubergines with mussels as well. Wicked. Thoroughly wicked. Like Defying Gravity.

The food was so potent all of us were no longer upright afterwards. We sat down a little while longer watching Los dan Faun online.


Good food.

Great company.

Love life.


2 thoughts on “Curry Dreams Tonight

  1. you’re like me. I’m so malas to cook properly sometimes. By the time I’m back from uni I’m just so tired! Haihh. Apalah nak jadi kepada kita kan?

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