Thought Osmosis

I have been sleeping late and waking up really early ever since I got to Oxford and I blame this on the other engineer in the room. Whatever he does, be it playing DoTA , actually working on his research, or scheming a plan for something, I could almost ‘feel’ the innards of his brains working. And by transmission of brain electromagnetic waves or something, my. sleep. was. just. plain. disrupted.

I guess it was a good thing I decided to get out of Bath for a bit. From the little things I’ve picked up from some reading or conversations, I learnt the application of several big words – Marginalised. Omnipresence. Bourgeois. Institutionalisation.

All the things I’ve heard and being told up to right now, has made me re-evaluate my thoughts, my plans and my future, over and over again. Note that, these people I am with are no ordinary blokes. It is refreshing to be around people with similar school of thoughts and who has been through what yourself are going through and beyond.

Not everybody would talk and listen enthusiastically on antimatter and Schrödinger’s cat over a nice plate of mee rebus and nasi goreng kampung in the busy basement of the Malaysian Hall.

I feel so lucky. Ultra-lucky. From the atom at the tip of my hair to the DNA in my toenails.

Now. Breakfast. Signing off, as I try to wake the fluffy duvet furball at the corner of the room.

Have a great day!

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