One Morning in Oxford

I woke up before sunrise, checked Facebook, did my prayers, too lazy to shower, left toothbrush at home, somehow got dressed, face washed and feeling rather famished. My friend was still curled up in the duvet, so I nibbled on some Hobnobs while waiting for him to wake up.

He never did.

Not until about four hours later.

In the meantime, he lent his camera to me while I went to explore the place where he lived. I didn’t go far.

I just popped down to the common room downstairs and look what I found.

HOGWARTS! For a moment, I actually thought  the place has house elves (I was still half-asleep and hungry at that time). I promised myself to be good, so I didn’t touch any of those. Instead, I took pictures of them.

The piano was half-broken, but I thought it had a very nice Baroque touch to the keys. The piano pieces I found were technically demanding. Music speak : Chopin, Beethoven, Hadyn, Rachmaninoff. I found some of these composers best works in the pile of music books. And I went on ecstasy on discovering a Beethoven flute and violin/viola sonata! These type of pieces are reasonably hard to find, and to buy them from high end music stores is equivalent to two weeks worth of grocery (I’m a scrooge, I know).

I returned to the room to find the bloody engineer still in a fluffy ball of duvet. Made him wake up (which took much coaxing) and while he went to continue his slumber in the shower (he’s still not back yet as I’m writing this) I did a little photography from his window.


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