Farted by the Ox

Remember my last post When the Ox Farts? Okay. I think I’m getting my reward now and is royally farted at. Late bus, later train, switched trains twice, banged by a leather handbag, toes rolled over luggage, I have now arrived in Oxfartford. Why do the nice people always get the nice stuff? Because we’re awesome. A couple of minutes after getting out of the train station, a weird old loony had to bang me with his plastic bag. @%^£$%^*#!!!!!

Not all is less than good however, I met a nice young lady while on transit at Swindon, and we found our word of the day – Significant. Somehow, we started talking about the weather, and I was being sarcastic and said something about difficulty of walking in “significant amount of snow” and we started laughing.  Our conversation was peppered with the word “significant”  in almost every other sentence, and it was really fun talking to her. She is a second year medical student. I forgot which university she is studying at, but I remember her name, Anne. Or was it Anna?

I thought it was a really pleasant encounter, as not many strangers (who later becomes your friend) would listen to your aspirations to work in a chocolate factory with genuine interest, or laugh genuinely with you over a puny little things such as the word “significant”.

Significant encounter, indeed.

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