Cooped up.

Restless, I end up doing pseudo-ballet to Joe Hisaishi’s “Madness”. Even better would be imitating Taeyang’s super sexy moves in Big Bang’s Electric Love Tour 2010. The unbeatable would be my version of Wondergirls “Nobody”. I’m turning into mad chicken, cluck cluck.

I went out the other day to get some things, and the weather was simply broody. Grey and cold. For the time being, life’s best moment would be to sit next to the heater in a sarong, reminiscing the heat and humidity back home.

Can’t wait to board the train tomorrow heading for Oxford. Snow, thou can royally * toot! * out of my way. Looking forward to good food, good company, and get my studying mojo recharged while I’m there.

Oh, did I tell you that the person I’m crashing at for the weekend has this absolutely WICKED camera with equally WICKED lenses?

I am so going to get a shot out of that thing.

* Grins *

“Cluck cluck!”


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