Buried Wishes

As I was happily spamming people’s walls with “EPIC” related posts, I received a reply from a friend, who then asked me if I had received her post. Card. Sent. A month ago. I trolled down the stairs and into the hallway and dived into the pile of unopened mails by the door. VOILA! There it was!

How sad and lonely it must have been, sitting there, waiting for it’s recipient to come and get it. I’m so sorry, I really am. There must have been an avalanche of mail during its arrival, and no thank you to my disorganised housemates, it was buried under a mess of envelopes, brochures, and advertising pamphlets.

As you can see, the postcard was dated 15th November, and she sent it to wish me Eid Adha, which is now too late. Nevertheless, I was overjoyed on finding her card! My full name and address have been smudged (using photo editing software, not on the original card) to protect my privacy. FINALLY, somebody actually returns a postcard to me. Thank you, my dear friend.

I miss you.

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