Ploughing the Snow in My Canvas Shoes

I hate the snow. Yes, they are pretty, you can make snowmen and start snowball wars, but it simply causes a lot of problems! I can deal with fresh snow, but when it starts to melt and you have a nice, thin layer of ice on the pavement. . . ROARRR!!!! It takes me forever to walk from point A to point B! Anyway, I cheered myself up with a steaming mug of hot coffee, buttered toast and sunny side up and made my way out. Destination : University of Bath.

The pavements were slippery and the road covered with slush. There were already several people in line as I arrive at the bus stop.

While waiting (for the bus which never came), two children and their mother built a little snowman atop a rubbish bin. For some reason the bus never stopped at the usual bus stop which I go to (which I found out later), so I had to walk to the next one which was about 200 meters away (and the others who were waiting followed suit).

I arrived at the university later than the appointed time. Punishment – three versus one snowball fight.

Initially, all I wanted to do was to pass a friend a Christmas card before she flies off and copy a few lecture notes, but I ended up getting invited to explore Bath’s countryside.

It was beautiful.

It had just snowed the night before, and I had my canvas shoes on. Yes, I’m nuts. As I’ve always been. Cautions to the winds! I am in good company of people who have my back covered.

At the end of the day, as I sit down by the heater slurping warmed M&S’s Butternut Squash soup, I wonder, just how long is Britain going to prove itself incompetent in coping with snow. One by one, my friends’ Facebook statuses mention delayed travel plans, cancelled flights and rerouted journeys. I do also notice that even with sufficient amount of snow to cause half a dozen people to slip and fall at any given hour, motorist are still speeding through the roads, as if oblivious of the danger ahead. I pray hope all my friends who are travelling arrive at their destinations safe and sound.

Take care!



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