Beautiful Day

I simply love the holidays. I explored the National Trust’s Bath Skyline walk with my girlfriends today, and it was beautiful. It was a long, looooongggg walk and I almost ended up as a giggling pile of snow at the bottom of the slope, but because I was in good company of people who have my back covered, all was well in my world (Ms Sarah Clingan)

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We started from the university grounds, and went through a little pathway traversing a sheep and goat farm. We went through a wood, and everything was in monocolour; black and white and shades of gray. Only later did we see patches of blue and orange from the almost setting sun. It was beautiful. I woke up feeling *TOOT!* SNOW and then I’m hey, its not so bad afterall. Only good friends are capable of doing this.

I did a good job of falling in the snow, and allowing my inertia to take control of me as I ran down the hilly slopes. No arms broken, no legs sprained. All parts intact. Next time, I’ll get myself a sled. I had to walk like a penguin several times to keep my balance. My shoes were thoroughly soaked through at the end of the journey, but the view was worth it. I have just bought a pair of wellies and I can’t wait to test them out tomorrow. I might go back to that place again.

It’s gorgeous, and I think I’m in love.


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