No Rain, No Rainbow

Damn English weather. I was running home under the rain as I got off the bus. Should have heeded my guts and grabbed the umbrella on my way out this morning. I was lucky to have a bus driver stopping to let me cross the road, as I was already shivering like a wet kitten standing by the sidewalk.

I sat like a broken doll on the bus. Sleepy, tired, exhausted. Had been in a state of caffein high, dopamine infused just the night before, struggling to finish that damned lab report. So much effort for something limited to five pages of A4. As a result, I had woke up late and missed the first lecture. The only reason why I even got out of bed this morning was I had to use the computers in the library to type several lines of bloody integrals and then to convert everything to PDF before handing it in through something called Moodle. I missed the second lecture because I was busy doing all of the above.

Got the integral typed out, the document converted to PDF and lab report handed in. I was too numb to feel the euphoria of accomplishment.

Got home, had a warm shower and a large bowl of porridge.

And the sky cleared! I have not seen any rainbows yet, but I’m sure there’ll be one somewhere out there.

Here’s a Naruto movie soundtrack with the same name as the post. No Rain, No Rainbow by Home Made Kazoku

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