HIV Cure Article – Why I Don’t Give Two Hoots.

A friend posted this link in Facebook today, and just after reading the URL and the first line of the title, I started to scoff at the legibility of the article. First, nobody and I mean NOBODY who’s a genuine professional in the medical, law, engineering or finance sector would ever start their research paper with the word “Amazing”. They leave that to the reaction of the person who reads their research and decide for themselves if what they have read is amazing.

I picked on the first reference listed at the end of the article, and guess what. The researches NEVER concluded the patient was fully cured. It was mentioned such conclusion was premature and the remains of the virus could be hiding in the lymph nodes, brain, gut, liver and heart. They also said that the procedure for the treatment – transplanting bone marrows from a person with the resistance to HIV into a HIV patient – was very, very risky and many people had died from the procedure due to complications. There was also a risk that the patient would be at more risk of a different viral infection after receiving this treatment.
(Jay A. Levy, M.D. N Engl J Med 2009; 2009; 360: 724-725)

The way I sum it up may be morbid, but if you get the chance to read the genuine journal, experienced readers will notice the neutrality of the tone it was written in. The author balanced the risk with the fact that this finding could help speed up other areas of research in finding a cure for HIV.

The linked article however, was all in a “HIV CAN BE CURED, END OF MISERY FOR ALL” kind of hoopla. There were also links to amFar (The Foundation for AIDS Research) and I’m seeing “donate, donate, donate” everywhere. Ok. You’re being sponsored by Hewlett Packard, Bloomingdales, Wells Fargo, even Louis Vuitton, and half a dozen other major companies. So why do you actually need to push the public donation so far? Yes, I understand that research need a lot of funding to keep it going, but what’s up with all the paper tiger international conventions that cost even more?

What we need right now is a dedicated team of pharmacist, chemists, engineers and an unlisted number of people to sit down, do some serious thinking, experiments, calculations and what not with a constant supply of coffee and food for the brain.

I can bet you there are quite a number of scientist out there, with their research combined, are very close to find the solution. The research is probably not publicised to avoid the public running for the drug store and stock up on the drug, prices escalate due to demand exceeding supply, causing some companies to produce the cheaper generic versions, then something gets cursed along the way, the HIV mutates and humankind is wiped out in a widespread infection.


Now, lab report.

It’s 2.00 am.

Still not done yet.


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