Pukul Lalat

For the second time, I was asked to play badminton by an ex-schoolmate of mine in university. How could I resist? It is the best opportunity to get whacked by a hyperactive, super sports player on the court. I am not the best person to play sports, really. Weak hand and eye coordination, combined with an almost equally weak stamina does not equal to a very good athlete. Nevertheless, I managed to have a good time.

The above said hyperactive sports monkey did not show up, but there were several others of his friends who I recognise and have met before were already playing. So, after a few moments of standing by the sidelines, I gather the courage to pick up a badminton racket.

Considering I have not played for a very very loooooooong time, I think my progress was not bad. Yes, there was a couple of times I got hit on the head by the shuttlecock, and flailed my arms aimlessly while it seemed to pass straight through the racket. Epic fail, I know. I’m no Lin Dan or Chong Wei but it was good to know my rotor functions are still working O.K at basic level. Until finally at the end, a couple of ‘ang moh’s asked to join us.

Man, it was funny to hear a funny twang being spoken while badminton was being played. One, because I’m used to seeing Asians playing the sport. And secondly, I was ‘wah-lao wei’-ing at regular intervals throughout the match.

I returned home to find several parts of my body aching due to lack of proper exercise for the past couple of months. Some of my (almost) daily workout includes 1)Running for the bus. 2)Taking the stairs. 3) Carrying the groceries.

Maybe I need to be whacked around the court more often.


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