Moodle + Penguin = LMAO!

Today has proven that the courseworks have burnt my fuse.

For some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing each time somebody mention ‘Moodle’ or ‘Penguin’. It was so bad that even my flow of thoughts were affected. Every single line of equation I was thinking of in my head ended with a ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!’ and to add it up, this happened in the library, so you can imagine how ‘catastrophic’ it was.

For some reason, some of us first year Chemical Engineers had decided to do a mini-convention in the library. One by one we appeared and grouped together around the same table. I must say, the first half and hour to forty five minutes was laughter therapy.

We. Just. Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing!


At a point I was actually crying my eyes out from too much laughter. As the liveliest group on the third floor, we successfully disrupted the thought process of several other Computer Science students cracking their head, trying to string a programming code together. Sorry guys. What happened was necessary evil. Or else we might have jumped off the building one by one.

But of course, we did get some things done. I looked for help from the ones who have figured out the solutions and listened to some really quality explanation for Physical Chemistry. I was really tempted to copy whole some parts of the answers for time was running out but I didn’t. I did compare results, but amidst all that laughing, I was actually working on the questions. Multitasking much, yeah.

I would be happy just to get a pass for this coursework, for I am clueless for half the part of it. And today I made myself eligible for a nil mark on my math test for playing truant. Not that I asked for it, its just that I was really ill the day before and to get up took God’s will. Yes, I don’t look ill and I recover fast, but during the recovery time it was critical I get enough rest. Almost fully recovered now,and  I pray I don’t get into a relapse.

On the way back from university there was a bunch of party goers on the bus. Loud and half drunk, there were singing at the top of their lungs “THERE ARE SEVENTEEN  PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BUS!! THERE ARE EIGHTEEN PEOPLE ON THE BUS!!” and the number adds up as more and more of their ‘comrades’ join them dancing and drinking in the middle of the bus until finally it goes “THERE ARE F’ING LOSERS INTHE MIDDLE OF THE BUS!!”

At that point in time, I was about to have a headache with all the alcohol stench in the air and their noise pounding on my eardrums. In my head I was yelling “THERE’S A F’ING SORE HEADED ENGINEER ON THE BUS!!”

Damn. If only my fellow Chemical Engineering coursemates were there.

Thank you people for the feel good time. It made my day.

I ♥ my coursemates.

Chemical Engineers rocks!

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