Facebook in My Dreams

I was counting notifications in my sleep, and giggling over a comment on a funny picture on Facebook last night – in my dreams. I confess to being a Facebook addict and writing on my wall or FB Chat is one of the most convenient ways of reaching me, but Facebooking in my dreams? Whoa. I think I may need a  rehab.

I was jolted out of my slumber by a thought at the back of the head saying ” You’re giggling in your sleep? Over a Facebook comment?” And a second voice answering, “What??” That was when my eyes flew open.  I jumped out of bed, fought out of the duvet, banged the wall in the process and sleepwalked to the bathroom (nature called). After washing my hands under ice cold running tap water, I looked at my reflections.

Whoa. Get a grip, woman! Don’t let Facebook take over your life!

Eid Adha Kareem to all fellow Muslims!

P.S: I think I may be the only one wearing a baju kurung on campus today =.= but whatever! Raya Malaysian style babeyh!


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