I love taking part in plays and I love the thrill of being up onstage. Recently, I have expressed my interest to  take part in a theatre production in university and was given the first part of the script for the audition. The depth of the character was intense. Not to mention some intimate scenes between her and her fiancé. There is kissing involved, but that’s about it (I hope!).

She was a model who lost her legs. For someone who is in the modeling industry where your body is your asset, the incident must have been a huge blow to her, and her self-confidence. Not to mention she is a stubbornly independent girl, and refused to be looked after by a carer. Her friends and fiancé have full time jobs, so it is crucial she had someone with her all the time.  In the character description, she was said to have a cheerful, bubbly character so you can imagine how her character changed 180 degrees after the unfortunate incident.

*INHALE* *e x h a l e*

And the kissing part. I have never kissed before. I’ve never thought much about it before, and I was never one of those girls who fantasized about their first kiss. I do however, make things up when I’m joking with my girlfriends, but truthfully, I’ve never given it much thought. So when I read in the script “Kiss a slight flush on the lips” or whatever it was, I was thinking “What??? NOOOOOO!!!!!!” So you can well imagine how interesting this whole thing is going to be, if I really get to play that character.

This is not my first audition. I’ve been to several ones, back in my old school and even one by the KLPac (KL Performing Arts Centre) which I purposely screwed up the singing part because I knew I won’t be able to come for rehearsals anyway (I came just for the experience. It was awesome!)

I have been rejected the character of Puck (Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) but have been told I did a marvelous job as a fairy (hence the name, Mambang). I never got to do any main character before, but I performed a dance solo (with backup dancers – all male cast) which got people talking for quite some time. Whether or not I get the part this time, I would still benefit from the experience. If I do, *grins*cursework and workshits can go die while I have fun on stage, even for a brief moment.

Wish me luck!

p.s: the audition will be set on Monday or Tuesday.


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