Peanut Butter Project

I came up with this idea while washing the peanut butter jar prior to sending it for recycling. Saving Malaysia’s resources, one peanut butter jar at a time. Here’s a draft of my idea for the Peanut Butter Project.


Almost 70% of the peanut butter displayed on major supermarket shelves (as well as in the mini marts) are produced in China. And 90% of it has full plastic packaging (not to mention the lid foil within).  In the UK, I see peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spreads packed in 50% recycled glass jar with the plastic kept minimum for just the lids and a thin layer of foil for the seal. Both products are made in Netherlands and Denmark (?) respectively. Some brands have theirs made in the UK but the ingredients are outsourced.


Produce a 100% manufactured in Malaysia peanut butter to replace all the existing made in China products. Use 50% recycled packaging, preferably glass.


Use locally grown peanut. I’m pretty sure we can grow groundnuts in Malaysia. We’ve got the rest of the ingredients on local soil; palm oil, sugar, and salt.


Since everything is sourced locally, the cost of transport is greatly reduced. This also helps to lower the carbon output. It also creates more job opportunities for the locals, especially the retired (or forced to retired ) people. I’m sure the uncles and the aunties in the rural area wouldn’t mind helping to run a peanut butter factory. After all, with the current technology, hard labour work is only limited to sealing and labeling products, which is quite safe for people of all ages to do.

It takes far less energy to make packaging out of recycled products rather than to make them out of raw materials. This is further reduction in cost as well as carbon output. You may say that glass is heavy and brittle, but in reality it doesn’t have to be so. There are many types of glass out there and all you need is to find the right composition of material to make it less brittle and lighter.

What you need:

A group of brilliant engineers (and chemists and accountants and marketing experts and …) who are willing to sacrifice their time for something less glamorous than working for a big company or in the oil field to undertake little projects like these which makes a huge difference to the local community. That’s changing the world, beginning with our little world, one peanut butter jar at a time.

4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Project

  1. because its cheap. and nearly everything we know is made in CHina.
    The latest case is about babies reported to reach “adolescence” within months after eating some baby food. the baby have boobs and hair!!
    @ @

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