Mambang Unplugged

It was a carnival in the toilet this morning as I concocted a potent mixture of cleaning potion in the bathtub. Armed with a Scotchbrite and a pair of thick yellow gloves, I plugged the outlet and ran hot water into the tub. I took a bottle of THICK BLEACH and squeezed a decent amount of it into the tub (the windows were open so the chlorine could waft out) and shook a generous amount of oxy-cleaning powder into it.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble I scrubbed the sides of the tub and the sides of the wall. I squirted a good dose of bleach onto the moss infested corners of the tub for good measure.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, I put the bath mat (which has been there since time immemorial ) into the concoction. Black, BLACK substance started oozing out of the mat. I gave it some good scrubbing and drained the water out. Dark, DARK solids were left behind and had to be rinsed out. I repeated this process FIVE times. It was THAT filthy.

What bliss it was to see all that grime go down the drain.  Good lord, these guys really need a girl to live with them.

The bathtub and the bathmat wasn’t the only thing I cleaned. I disinfected the sink and the toilet bowl by attacking them (non physically – I dare not touch the toilet bowl) with gracious amounts of thick bleach. The moss lurking by the side of the bath tub finally disappeared (at least about half of it) after leaving it to brew in the bleach.

You can guess by now the toilet smells like a swimming pool with all the chlorine in the air and my obsession with Bleach. I love Bleach, do you?

3 thoughts on “Mambang Unplugged

  1. you know mambang, thank you for describing the experience of unplugging the bathroom crawling with mosses so vividly. Thank god only black “substance” oozed out and not black shiny creepy crawlies flying around. It will be a reminder for me not to leave my bathroom unattended for too long ;D

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