One Dress, Three Days

Taking cue from Sheena Matheike – the founder and pioneer pilot of The Uniform Project – I attempted to wear the same dress for three days straight whilst in London. It was actually a vain attempt at packing light, but due to my enthusiasm to complete my assignments on that weekend itself, I had some of my academic materials with me so I ended up with a hand luggage, a medium sized backpack, and a sling handbag which I stuffed into my backpack as I commute between Bath and London. Packing light has never been my forte, sorry mum.

Day One – striped H&M tee under a black Padini pinafore-dress, leather belt from H&M, tights from Primark, flats from Clarks.

It was quite late when I arrived in London.  I met up with my friend (who also hosted me for that weekend) at Leicester Square tube station. We ended up traversing across Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, paused at McD for a fillet-o-fish, and two cups of tea before continuing our walkabout, taking in the night scenery of London.

It was VERY late when we reached Ramsay Hall, where she lives. Somehow, we got caught up in a conversation which went on and on until 3am when I realised I haven’t taken a shower. By the time I was done cleaning up and into my comfy pyjamas, we continued talking until almost 5am, when I hit the pillow in exhaustion.

Day Two – Just the black Padini dress, leather belt, tights and flats.

I arrived quite late but just in time for the group photo shoot for all the delegates attending the UKEC Annual General Meeting.

Highlight of the day : Free food and speeches by candidates running for the Vice-President and Regional Chairpersons. There was a guy who had a speech in a very Brutus (a character from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar) style. He opened his speech with “Honourable people…honourable…honourable…” followed by three or four quotes. There was a girl who kept screeching into the microphone, which was annoying as I was sitting not far from the speakers. I had to raise my hand and request for the speakers to relax on the microphone for a bit. There was another girl who kept saying who she had “no life” while she was the president for her Malaysian Society used that as a basis on why she should be elected Regional Chairman for her area. I wasn’t too keen on her speech, but she got the post anyway.

Left before the speeches by the candidates running for President because I wasn’t sure I could concentrate anymore, had pizza with my friend, helped her with her make-up, and trimmed her fringe. Awesome day!

Day Three – White short sleeved shirt from Primark, black Padini dress, leather belt, and flats.

I was VERY late and missed the discussion on the proposed Mega-Tower. The rest of the discussion was on Malaysian Societies of various universities and delegations.

Highlight of the day – free food and meeting the High Commission representatives for our respective areas. The High Commission rep made me feel like rolling him down Bathwick Hill if he ever steps foot in Bath. Period. Good news, I made several new friends over the weekend! That’s a few more added to my Facebook friends list. Oh, and I met this one hot dude *grins*.

I also met up with a couple of my seniors whom I have not seen in ages and two of my girlfriends as they happen to stop by the Malaysia Hall (where the UKEC thing was held) for lunch. I brought one of them to Portobello (think Nottinghill ) and to The Hummingbird Bakery! Their cupcakes are just W I C K E D and they also had a Halloween theme going on, which made it extra wicked. That’s already two Londoners I brought to Portobello and to the Hummingbird. Strange how somebody from Bath can know London that well? Oh well, thanks to mummy really. The first time she brought me to London a couple of years back we made an effort to explore every crook and nanny of that happening city.


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