Weekend in London

I am in London for the weekend to attend the Annual General Meeting of the UKEC (which stands for United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students). A short preview on the UKEC – it is probably the most powerful Malaysian student body in the UK, affililated to several well known politicians in Malaysia and has strong bonds with companies such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Accenture, Shell and the list goes on. Back to the story of my weekend in London…

It was a sleepless Friday night and I slept at 4am the next morning. Woke up 5 hours later realising I was late for the meeting. Got a bit disoriented around London, snapped some pictures while walking along Hyde Park and came in just in time for the group photo shoot (they do this for every other events, no pictures of it yet, but will upload once I find them. It’s not in my camera).

Waffled down some Nasi Lemak to fuel the day, kept eyes open for the next six hours or so with a playlist of interesting speeches by aspiring future politicians of Malaysia. It was a fantastic opportunity to practice my observation skills (will elaborate later, on a different post when I find the time).

Left early, stopped by Primark for a white shirt, then had pizza with the friend I’m staying with. Went back to her place, she expressed her dillemma with the new set of make-up she bought (she bought it without knowing how to apply it). Had a girly session giving her a basic tutorial followed by a haircut.

Do I hear the gasps in front of the screen? No? Ok. I cut her hair. *GASPS!*

HAHAHA. It was just a fringe, dear readers. I helped her to trim and layer her fringe (which is my forte by the way, if anybody needs to get their fringe trimmed, you can count on me *grins*). I hardly put on any makeup (save for those prom-ish kind of events) but I am deft with the makeup brush. She had this beautiful eye colour pallete of smokey purple, pink and blue from Topshop and their blending ability was fantastic!

No pictures here, sorry guys. Was busy with a pallete in one hand and a brush in another, and the camera bleeping “Lens cover error” each time I turn it on doesn’t help. Be rest assured she did not end up looking like a clown with all that colours. Guys in London, look out for this hottie strutting her stuff down on Spectra on November 2nd!


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