Money Matters #1

When you are studying abroad with limited finances, managing your money is an extremely important thing to do. First, you do not want to further burden your parents (if you are self-sponsored, that is) because you have to keep in mind that they too, need to eat. Secondly, if by chance you have completely dried up your account, there is no mummy or daddy to cry to – unless, by chance, you happen to win a free air ticket halfway across the globe.

I wrote down most of my expenses, and here’s a preview.

Note the scribble under the “Grand Total”. Some of the receipts have been hiding away in the nooks of my room and for a while I got locked out of my internet banking due to repeated typo error while keying in the security number. Anyway, this is just a draft. There is quite a list of things that should be in the list such as that-t-shirt-you-bought-because-you-didn’t-do-your-laundry-so-you-have-nothing-to-wear, the-pair-of-black-pumps-you-bought-because-your-sneakers-got-wet-in-the-rain, the-bar-of-chocolate-because-you-were-craving-for-one, the-chocolate-muffin-you-bought-on-the-way-back-from-doing-your-groceries…etc and it all costs money. You can say that, Oh, it only costs 70p but if you accumulate the number of times you did that, you could have probably bought two or three decent lunches instead.

Later I shall put up a post on how I intend to cut my spending for the next few months.


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