“A Little Bit of Love, Sir? Ma’am?”

I did my bit for charity today as I went collecting in town. I am part of an organisation called RAG which does all sorts of fundraising activities. Last week they had a collection in Oxford (I didn’t go for this one) and raised a whopping £1000 ++ (can’t remember exact total) for a Breast Cancer institute or something (my memory is rather vague, so sorry).  The members consisted of really fun people who loves to do really fun ideas charity. Look at their pictures and you’ll understand why.

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I really love the witch costume. If I had that on I’ll probably start singing “Defying Gravity”  – albeit ever so slightly off tune – right in the middle of the busy street.

Today’s collection was for the Dorothy House Hospice Care. I did not have any costume with me, so I had to content with looking fairly normal (which I am actually not. I only pretend to be ;D).  My enthusiasm was such that I was sounding quite like the fishmonger in the market booming loudly, “Dorothy Hospice Care! Spare change, small notes, all accepted!” and “Show some love, ladies and gentlemen!”

Eventually I got rather exhausted and diminuendo-ed into “A little bit of love, sir, ma’am?” everytime somebody walks close enough to reach out their hands and drop a penny into the bucket. Finally I went into semi-silent mode as I became a pro at beaming the message across without opening my mouth. The trick : The “kawaii” look and a stunning smile. Cheers! I know I’m pretty and it doesn’t hurt to smile at strangers, for a good cause.

It kind of worked because after a while my arm started to feel the weight of the bucket with all the coins inside.  I get the most money from men aged between 25-35. There were quite a number of people who saw me, and had the guilty look as they dug their hands into their pockets. My “look” can be quite piercing I guess. Pierce right to the depths of their deep dark heart, and into their pockets. Cue: evil laughter.

The aged were very generous too. One of them walked passed and said, “Well done” , and it gave me a fuzzy feeling inside.  I found it almost impossible to get even a penny from adolescent girls. They walked right past without even looking at you. Skin deep beauty.

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