First Week of Lecture

This week had been mostly revision – Functions, Differentiation, Integration and Physical Chemistry. After three months of doing nothing, I realised I have forgotten most of these things! Oh, hail the gas laws. At least I still remember what H2O is and PV= nRT. And F=ma and W=mg. Can’t wait for Mass Balances, Chemical Processes, Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer, and all that shizz. Interesting, ain’t it!

We have been recommended books to buy, borrow or steal and these books are very, very, very thick! Thick enough that one book can effectively kill a cockroach if dropped directly above it from shoulder height. My shoulder height, that is. The books are bloody expensive if you get them directly from a bookstore, brand new so I opted to buy second hands or discounted rates online. Thanks to the brand new debit card from HSBC, I am able to experience the virtual realm of Online Shopping! Yay! A lot of refrain was needed to not buy interesting books which had nothing to do with the course I am doing.

I was lucky to be able to get really good prices for the books, which is as follows:

From The Book Depository Ltd I ordered:

Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (Coulson and Richardson) £37.41

Physical Chemistry (Atkins)                                                                                                       £34.26

Student’s Solution Manual to Accompany Atkins’ Physcial Chemistry     £22.74

From Alibris UK Orders

Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes (Fogler)                                £21.23

Total cost = £115.64

And it doesn’t end there. There are several other books I may need, but I’ll get it a few at a time. Christmas wish – can somebody or a group of bodies sponsor me another additional £200 for the next set of books? Or do you think Santa Claus will actually respond to my request if I e-mail to him?

Anyway, the university has this application called Moodle where you can access all your course notes from wherever you are – whether at the North Pole or at the Caribbean’s, so long you have internet access. I have a little pile of homework to do actually, so you might be wondering what am I doing, updating my blog. The reason being writing helps to release tension (and was having one now, due to menstrual cramps) and I couldn’t sign in to Moodle, for some reason. I’ve just e-mailed the web support and am waiting for their reply.

Oh, and check this out! I am doing this for fun actually, because the department kept sending e-mails bugging students to nominate themselves as Academic Reps, which I read as “Somebody, please, anybody, just put in your name for this thing…pleaseeeee” so I clicked, clicked and clicked and here goes nothing!



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