Life Without Mummy

The absence of postings since I’ve arrived in Bath was due to me spending quality time with mummy. Since she left a couple of days ago, reality has begun to sink in and that’s when I realised, I’ll be staying here for three years. Nevertheless, I’m very much alive and kicking, the weather have been kind and I have gotten used to the public transport system here (which is a far cry from the efficiency and abundancy of the ones in London.

I got a £5 Marks and Spencer’s gift card today for participating in a research project. How cool is that! I bought a box of cereal and a jar of Nutella with it. That’s nutrition for at least one week, and I still have some balance in the card.

Since mummy left, I had to practice budget constrain. Here’s a quick shot at my expenditure since Monday.

Yesterday’s dinner and today’s lunch was egg noodle dressed in sweet chilli sauce with plenty of spinach.  Total cost £3.08.

A bag of mini apples, 99 pence.

A medium pack of cubed mozarella (it was really good), £1.52.

A packet of white bread (14 slices altogether), 67 pence.

Lurpak butter/margerine 250g, £1.50

Anti-bacterial household wipes (extremely handy, left the floor squeaky clean with a tinge of lemon smell ),  95 pence.

One pint of whole milk, 45 pence.

Two little bottles of tea tree oil (to be used sparingly and to last the next six months or more, I hope), £3.98.

Weekly pass for buses, £16.00

TOTAL : £28.69

I still need to get myself a pan for cooking. Have to rely on the microwave and the toaster for the time being.

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