Window Shopping

It was a wet, wet day with little sun but there was so many people on Oxford Street! Somebody on the bus had nearly half a dozen Primax shopping bag which occupied a whole double seat. Despite the depressing weather, the shopping atmosphere was upbeat with sales, sales and more SALES! Fortunately, mummy had put a leash on me so being trigger happy was a no-no.

One thing that struck me was the window display. It. Was. AWWWEEEESOMMMMEEE!!!!!! It was a shoe week, month – I don’t know – season and everything was about shoes. There was a display titled “12 Dancing Princesses” showing mannequin hands coming out from the ground, reaching out for shoes hung in mid-air and the legs of the “princesses” hanging from the ceiling. There was something called something like “Living in a shoe…” featuring household items, cups, plates and dust pans hung on a shoe shaped structure. There were chocolates on shoes, chocolate shoes – it was INSANE! I was feeling the creative vibe of London.

Perhaps it is a good thing I’m going to Bath because I might just end up doing something completely contradictory to engineering or getting distracted with the many distractions of London.

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