Infiltrating UCL

For those of you not in the know, UCL was my first choice university. However, I missed the grades and my appeal rejected. One of the top five universities in UK and located in the heart of one of the main capitals in the world, the disappointment was great. So what was I doing here again? I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

No, I was not going to harass the Admissions Tutor. Staying in King’s Cross for the time being whilst in London, UCL was just a few minutes walk away (in the London weather, that is. I would never walk that distance under the hot Malaysian sun). After breakfast, mummy and I went for a stroll. Walk and walk we did, and voila! UCL!

They were probably having an open day or a registration day, so the presence of mummy and I within the campus was dismissed as a prospective student and a parent. Armed with a camera and bubbling with cheekiness, snap, snap, snap goes the camera! And yes, I simply had to pose with the nude male statue. No, I am not a pervert. Never was.

Oh, and I found Mr. Jeremy Bentham!  He is one of the founder of UCL and actually made one of his colleague preserve his body, put him on his favourite chair with his favourite (?) expression and placed in the university corridor for him to keep an eye on the students, even after death. So, UCL people, work hard! Jeremy Bentham casts his gaze upon thou, lazy bummers!

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