Hellooouuu London! After weeks of visa agony, 13 hours of cramped leg-room, awkward sleeping poses, pressurised cabin environment and several hours of boredom, voila! I have arrived in the land of fat pigeons and gwai lohs.

I flew on Air Asia and landed in Stansted. The experience wasn’t too bad. My grandfather’s ancient trunk did not split at the seams but lost a handle and a wheel as mummy and I were approaching the terminal’s exit.

Mummy and I took a cab to London costing £106 which was worth it. It is cheaper to take a bus or the train but with the amount of luggage we had, it would have been a terror-rific workout.

Quoting a friend, London felt like the inside of a fridge. I have yet to shift gear into the new environment, and struggled to understand their accents, accents and more accents. The locals themselves were struggling to catch what I was trying to say,  maybe due my Malaysian accent?

I felt very, very foreign. A girl on the underground stared at me (I reckon she was trying to figure out what mascara I was wearing, I’ve got naturally nice eyelashes ;p) and I have people “What?!”-ing when I speak to them (in English). Maybe my “lah” and “maaaa” filter isn’t working. Try to have a conversation with an English man/woman with the words “kancheong” and “kau tim” peppered in your sentences and watch their confused expression as they attempt to decipher your speech.


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